The Reverse Effect

Treatment for neuropathy has come a long way in recent decades. As such, Board-Certified Neuropathy Specialist Dr. Sherra Conde of Georgia Neuropathy Doctors has implemented a unique three-step approach to treating this condition.

Nerve Stimulation The nerve pain from diabetes is a common and difficult-to-treat condition. Treatment options include medications, acupuncture, and deep brain stimulation.

Metabolic Nutritional Supplements

Neuropathic pain is a type of pain associated with nerve damage. There are many different forms of neuropathic pain. The main types include: allodynia, hyperalgesia, and referred pain. Each form of neuropathic pain has unique symptoms, causes, and treatments.

First, there is a need for a more comprehensive assessment of the patient's pain. An accurate diagnosis will help determine what type of neuropathic pain a person has. For example, if the patient suffers from peripheral neuropathy, the best treatment may involve controlling blood sugar levels.

Second, the pain that a diabetic sufferer experiences in the lower extremities can be minimized with a disciplined exercise routine. This includes stretching and therapeutic exercises that improve joint stability and muscle strength, which can help prevent disability due to chronic pain.

Regenerative Technology The Reverse Effect aims to restore tissue damage by stimulating the body's mechanisms for regeneration. This unique technique involves the use of nerve regeneration. 

These include vascular endothelial growth factor, which promotes angiogenesis and neurogenesis.

The emergence of neuromuscular regenerative medicine has provided the field with renewed energy. The development of this technology and The Reverse Effect will eventually significantly impact the treatment of neuropathy.  Call the Georgia Neuropathy Doctors at (770)-731-7056 to meet with Dr. Conde to treat pain and discomfort of neuropathy. We are conveniently located in Atlanta and in Fayetteville, GA.

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